Another WaterColor!!



Media:Watercolor, This technique is base on the work of Burt Silverman: portrait artist.

Samurai Dreams

I change the back gorund color for the first one, because of the color of the figure was not sitting right on the 2nd one of the background. Write me a comment about which one do you think fits right.




25 min Pose


Samurai Monkey

One of my concept sketches for an oil painting.


Its an oil painting, it was one of my first ideas for a series of samurai illustrations. There's more coming.

Another 25 min. Pose

My professor George Pratt want us to try out new ways in painting, so he gave us a learning process, they were pretty much quick studies. Basic Approach is to do a painting in 25 minutes.
This the order of approach 3min sketch on the canvas 2nd: 6min shapes - proportions, color, value, mass, and solidity, 3rd: 7min light & shadow-color and value relationships, edges 4th: 5min color modulation- warm and cool, structure
5th: 4min refinements- dark and light accents, recesses and creases.
It was a good way of teaching us how not to think but gives us direction to a right approach.

25min painting

My first approach to a 25 min. Study. The one on the left got muddy because I added to much white in the ground, but the one in the right works because of the ground and how I went very lose on the sketch. . It works!! Give it a try, and tell me if it works.


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