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Enjoy!! Working with ink!!



A gallery last week got in contact with me called 19-ONE invited me to be in there upcoming show. "19|ONE is made up of creative people who desire to collaborate, work jointly and bring the city together to experience good and substantial art, discuss it’s implications in culture, exchange amongst each other creative ideas, processes and straightforward support and encourage other Miami artists." Words from the gallery. Its going to be exciting!! Its a group show, with local artist. Im posting the flyer for the show. If anyone is interested or in the neighborhood contact me.

So I have been working on a project for my self about two weeks already. I've been studying how light and dark hits a face and how color interacts with the value of a portrait. Been very intrigue with Gary Kelly, Ramon Casas, Leyendecker work these pass days, its my inspiration. So now Its going to be a on going project until the gallery show. I'll be viewing the piece's after the gallery show in my blog.

Hope to see you there, make sure to pass the word around , the show is in October 22 @ 7:00pm!!



Sneak Peek everyone!!


Red Girl

Hows it going, working on some pastel exercise, influenced by Gary Kelly one of the Academy Guys. Its great working with pastels. Enjoy!!


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