Jimi Hendrix

Hows it going folks! Just wanted to share with you all a new piece that I was working on. Im thinking of making around 20 to 30 piece that relate to Rock!! All the piece are going to be in nu-pastel. Just trying out new ways in making art!! I had a lot of fun with this piece folks, tell me your thoughts, I would love to hear them!!



Medium: Pastel on paper


Mohammed Ali

Hows it going folks!! Thank you all for your kind words.

I always wanted to create a piece with my favorite of all time champion ship boxer ALI! And I always wanted to create a full figure piece with pastels. Simple and creative. Hope you enjoy. More information to come, because it might be in a gallery show.




One More Pastel

Here is another pastel piece, guess the actor? Thank you, enjoy!


Pastel work

Back again on pastels. When ever I have time I have to make a pastel drawing. It makes me think differently, its good some times to get away from painting. Enjoy!



Wrong Beach

Hello all, so here is the final results of the piece! I final scan it in. Enjoy!


Time Lapse painting!

Hows it going folks! Having fun again with time lapse, but this time its a illustration piece, this piece was to be enter in a show called Tata Gala show. Hope it makes it in. So it was a perfect time to make it into a time lapse clip for you all. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you,

Oliver Dominguez

Time Lapse Painting! from Oliver Dominguez on Vimeo.


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