Hello Everyone! 

Its been a great year!  I just wanted to share with you my 1st published children's book!

 It was a great project to work on. The book was based on a true story written by a great Author
 David A. Kelly. The story was about a baseball player named Lena Blackburne, he was the player that found a special mud that changed baseball. There is more to the story but I don't want to give it all away. 

   I have to thank my rep company Red Fox Literary for finding the project, my Editorial Director Carol Hinz and Lerner Publishing Group for making this wonderful book. 

The book is out in stores! So pick one up and support the artist, author and the publishing company! Hope you enjoy the book. 

And here are some photos of the book. 




Holiday Sale!

Hello Everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday, I've been really busy adding all my original illustration work up for sale. All my recent work is on sale for 25% off through out the whole month of December!! The sale will end January 1st 2013 at 12:00pm so don't wait to the last minute! You could find all my work on Etsy account and my Society6 account. On etsy you will find my original illustrations framed and ready to be hung on your wall. My Society6 you will find amazing throw pillows, iphone case, framed prints, and assortment of prints. So hurry up while there still on sale! Thank you and have a wonderful holiday! Cheers, OD


Miracle Mud

Hey folks!
Its me again, I just wanted to share some of my new interior pieces from my book I illustrated called Miracle Mud! Its written by David A. Kelly and art directed by Carol Hinz. I have to thank Abigail Samoun my artist Representative from Red Fox Literary for the opportunity in illustrating the book. Lerner Publishing was an amazing company to work with the book is going to be publish by Millbrook Press. The book will be out in stores soon! So for now take a peek of some of the interiors of the book. I wanted to tell you some detail of the story but I'll wait until the book comes out, I'll keep you in suspense!


Monsters night out!

Hows it going everyone! Its been a while since I posted anything. Here is something fun I did a little more than 3 weeks ago for a halloween promo book for Red Fox Literary Hope you enjoy!! Thanks for reading. -OD


Hows it going!! I've been very busy lately that I've neglected my blog. I just wanted to share with you my promotional package I've sent out to art directors last month. It was a fun project to do! So here is a little step by step photos of my package. It was design to fit at least 10 postcards. I made my own sleeve to carry the package after the little book was wrap around my poster that I design. So my idea was to look like a cold cut meat with paper wrap around it to protect it but when you unravel it its a poster that you could pin on your wall. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for blogging and hope we meet! Cheers, Oliver


Untamed Video!

Hey folks,

I recently had a gallery show at DAAS Gallery in Down Town Fort Myers FL. and wanted to share a small video of opening night!!



Untamed from Oliver Dominguez on Vimeo.



Hows it going everyone!!! Hope everyone had a great christmas and new year!!

I bring to you my recent work for my show I had the 6th of Jan. It was showed in Daas Gallery, I wanted to thank David Acevedo and Xavier Brignoni for this opportunity to show in their gallery.

The show is going to be up until the end of Jan. if you missed the show swing by! All the work is for sale and I have prints on request if anyone is interested. This series was inspired by interesting animals and fashion. I had two months to create this series. My inspiration came from two artist, Alexander McQueen, and J.C Leyendecker. McQueen was a great fashion designer! He had intrigued work of beauty in his clothing. And J.C Leyendecker was a great designer in his illustration with male figures.

I wanted to thank everyone that went to the show and the support! So hope you enjoy and if you have any question for prints or originals please email!



Im going to post a short video of the night of the show soon!


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