Hows it going everyone!!

Im introducing a solo show Im going to have, the reception is January 6th. the show is going to have 8 paintings illustrating fashion with animals! I've always been intrigue with fashion and how they incorporated animals with there clothing. So I'll be posting all the work in January after the show!! If your around Florida in January please pass by, the information is in the images I posted. Thank you all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!! and a New Year!!

Your friend,




Hows it going!

I just wanted to share a couple things I've been working on. As of last month I've been working on a children's book called Electrical Wizard! Written by a great author Elizabeth Rusch. It will be published by a great company CandleWick Press. The story is about Nikola Tesla, he was a great electrical inventor! The official book will be out in late 2012 or very early 2013! The second children book is about Baseball Mud! It will be published by Lerner Publishing. Great stories and excited to illustrate them!

One more thing, the piece underneath was for fun, I wanted to paint with a over all blue pallet. I added a design element around the piece with scrap design paper that I had for a while. ENJOY!! Have a good Weekend everyone!!


Hat Maker

Hows it going everyone!!

I've been playing around with different approaches in painting. This painting is about a man that makes hats in Frances. Im experimenting with acrylic, gouache and ink. Hope you enjoy!!


“My imagination is on Fire. The universe towers in my mind a great overpowering mystery. The significance of the tiniest speck of bark on the pine tree assumes the proportions of the infinite sky. My brain almost bursts with the effort to really appreciate the meaning of life, of existence. I ardently promise with all my soul to do my best to make my short life of use, to add an infinitesimal light to the world”

-N.C. Wyeth



Hows everyone doing!!

For give me for my lack of blogging I haven't been posting frequently. So here are some of my sketchbook pages I've made in the past week or so. Enjoy folks!! There will be more to come!





Hows it going everyone! Here's some news.

Im very excited to say for the past 3 months I have been working on a short story comic book called Devil. It was written by Monifa Aldridge,great writer and illustrated and colored by yours truly, and Lettering by Richard Starkings.

The comic is done but is still in production to be printed by (Image Comics). I don't know the exact date when its printed but you will see it in stores and comic shops soon in the Back Flip Cover for ELEPHANTMEN #33.

The story is based in Depression-era (1930s) Struggling woman called Ruth and she meets a particular man..........I won't give you the whole story, you just have to read the comic book soon!!

The longer version of this story will be in production and will come out later this year called -Devil Don't be Teased-

Here are some sneak peeks of the interior of the comic and cover. Enjoy!!



Hows it going everyone!!

I've finally finished this piece. I've added a little bit about my step by step process.

The first step is the idea and thumbnails. I used tracing paper for my thumbnail sketches and then refine them until I get a solid idea. I was going to add my ideas of thumbs but its a lot of thumbnails that it will take up the whole site. Ha!

For this piece I got a solid sketch idea and started working around it. I've added some of the sketches that I've drawn with out reference.

Second step is after I have a solid idea I go ahead and shoot reference and refine the drawing even more, just to get the right proportions of the figure and other aspects of the drawing.

My previous post was my final drawing. after I have a very solid drawing I go ahead and transfer it to a bigger paper. My final drawing was drawn in Rives BFK tan paper with graphite and then painted with washes of acrylic and gouache and ink. I've added some images with steps of approaching the painting. Hope you enjoy, if you have any other question about my process write a comment. Have a good 4th of JULY!!

-Final Illustration-


-Final Drawing-



Red Fox Literary

Hows it going everyone! I wanted to share with you all, that now I'll be represented by Red Fox Literary for Children's books and other young reading materials. The company was founded by Abigail Samoun and Karen Grencik, its a great company to be apart of, you could read more about the company from Publishers Weekly .

In other news I've been working on a illustration for a client. Here is the final drawing before I start painting it. I'll post more on my process for this piece. Enjoy!

I Leave you with this quote:

“Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them.”

-Nikola Tesla


Quick Doodle!

A very quick doodle! I just wanted to add a quick drawing for my every day post I mention on my previous post.



New Doodle!

Hows it going everyone! Just wanted to share another doodle from my sketch book, Im thinking of posting one to two images a day from my sketch book! Hope you enjoy!



Sketchbook work

Hows it going everyone!! Just wanted to share some of my sketch book doodles.



Great Danes!

Hey Everyone!!

Hope all your projects are doing well this year! Another painting of dogs, I really enjoy painting animals.

This painting was for a very good client of mine. She wanted her Great Danes in a humor and respectful pose with fun color! I meet the dogs and they where huge animals, they were like ponies in a farm. Never meet Great Danes in person. I love dogs! Very friendly and beautiful dogs to paint! Hope you enjoy!





Hows it going everyone!!!

I just wanted to experiment with color and have fun. Trying something new, instead of using graphite when I draw and just used color pencils to draw the final piece. Tell me what you guys think.





Hows it going everyone!! I just got Back from Miami, my home town! My wife and I were there for my sister wedding! I illustrated a painting for them as a wedding gift. Isn't great to illustrated a painting for someone you love and get a great surprise from there faces when they open it! I had a wonderful time!

Hope you like!




Sneak Peek!

Hows it going folks!!

I've been working on a comic with a client. Just wanted to share a sneak peek! It will be coming out soon!!





This is my other family, that never complain, never cares if your poor or rich. They are there in the hard times and even in the good times. Always next to you, waiting for you to pet them. This painting was made for my wife's family. Her father asked me to make him a painting of his dog, the one in the middle.

So I had time during christmas to illustrated. It was a gift. When they unwrap the painting, there eyes were watering and there faces were glowing of joy! Thats why we as illustrators make paintings for a living for the love and joy people get in a illustration.

Hope you enjoy!




Fun Project!

Hows it going folks!

I've always wanted to create a illustration with 1930s bikes. I've always wanted to buy a bike from that time period. They are design in a way that you don't see anymore out there in the streets, like hotrods and anything thats vintage. So I'll post the final piece coming up next week. I might even do a series of vintage bikes. This one is more of an action shot, and cartoony in away. Well see how it turns out!

Here are some links to the vintage bikes I'm talking about! Vintage
Vintage 2



Quick Doodle!


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