A review of my work!

Hello again folks, a journalist named Lethe Bashar approach me, asking if he could write a review about my work. I was honor. Lethe is a great writer, he wrote a novel based on Lethe's adolescent adventures. He's one of the many writers in this site called Escape into life. So if you want to check out what Lethe had to say just click on this link: ART REVIEW

Thank you for reading!!




The Find

Hey folks, THE FIND is finally here. My buddy Dustin Darnault brought this project to my attention. He need different artist to illustrated some of the articles. I was please to illustrated two. He brought forward prestige artist like Francis Vallejo, Orlando Sanchez, Eric Bohomme, and Tyler Schartz as well for the illustrated aspect of the articles. Dustin was in charge of designing the magazine, he did an amazing job, and with the help of another prestige graphic designer Alan Martinez and Jhad Lahham

So if you want a closer look at the magazine, you could downloaded for free.


WorldWider Art Project Site!

WHats going on folks. I just got notify that the World Wider Art project just finished making a site. Its a site with many different artist from around the world getting together to make a colarboration piece. I've worked with them in three projects, you could check them out in the artist links. Enjoy! If you want to join just send an email to Sean Davies: Sean@thirdculturemusic.com




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