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Funny Ref shots!

Hey every body!! Just wanted to share my ref. shots with you guys. I get a kick out of them when it comes time to shot ref. This is the fun part of making a illustrations. So enjoy folks, I know i did.




Henry Flagler

A new edition to my portfolio. I've been working on a series, Its the history of Miami. How miami was born and stories that tell about the starting of Miami. I will brief you later on this particular illustration. Until now, enjoy!




Hows it going everyone!!

This piece was for a show that I was going to enter but as of right now I don't have any funds for the show. I was inspired by Robert Migcinnis, anamazing artist! Enjoy!





Hows it going guys! Posting all the portraits I did for a show. All pastel. Enjoy!


Gallery Show Night!

Hows it going folks!

Its been some time that I haven't posted any thing. Its been a crazy month for me. I only had a month to make 30 portraits and frame it and have time to work on client projects all at the same time. But all in all it was worth it.

So the gallery show was this past week. I'll be posting all my final portraits and three different poster designs I did as well.

As for the pictures of the show, I just wanted to share with you how the show went. Hosted by 19-ONE. The picture with me next to a couple is Lauren Oltesvig and Justin Oltesvig, they made it all happen for me to be in the show!! Justin was in the show as well. Awesome people and very humble. Thank you for this opportunity folks and thank you all for being at the show.




New SketchBook Work!

Just having fun in my spare time. Enjoy folks!!


SketchBook Drawings

Enjoy!! Working with ink!!



A gallery last week got in contact with me called 19-ONE invited me to be in there upcoming show. "19|ONE is made up of creative people who desire to collaborate, work jointly and bring the city together to experience good and substantial art, discuss it’s implications in culture, exchange amongst each other creative ideas, processes and straightforward support and encourage other Miami artists." Words from the gallery. Its going to be exciting!! Its a group show, with local artist. Im posting the flyer for the show. If anyone is interested or in the neighborhood contact me.

So I have been working on a project for my self about two weeks already. I've been studying how light and dark hits a face and how color interacts with the value of a portrait. Been very intrigue with Gary Kelly, Ramon Casas, Leyendecker work these pass days, its my inspiration. So now Its going to be a on going project until the gallery show. I'll be viewing the piece's after the gallery show in my blog.

Hope to see you there, make sure to pass the word around , the show is in October 22 @ 7:00pm!!



Sneak Peek everyone!!


Red Girl

Hows it going, working on some pastel exercise, influenced by Gary Kelly one of the Academy Guys. Its great working with pastels. Enjoy!!


Sterling Hundley Solo Show

Hi folks, Sterling Hundley solo show is coming up this week. If you have a chance to make it, its going to be an amazing show. I might see you there. Take care!

The show opens:
September 4th, 2009
Ghostprint Gallery
220 West Broad Street,
Richmond, Virginia 23220


Figure Doodle!!



Figure and Portrait

More experiments!!!

Got influence by Gary Kelley for the portrait. Trying new technics for my up coming project.




USING OILS AGAIN!!! Its been awhile for me, Im a acrylic kind a guy. But I had fun, I was using Mark English technique. Try it out folks, there is step by step images and videos of Mark doing his magic on the Illustration Academy. It took me about an hour to do. Great exercise to do before you do an illustration! Its always good to draw some figures or portraits before your work, it looseness your drawing.


Gibson Girl

Hi folks, sorry for the late post, I've been trying to finish a really huge painting, final I'm done. So I had free time now for a change. So this is something fun for you all.



Photography Show in Miami!

Hows it going folks, one of my buddies is going to have a photography show in Miami, if you have a chance stop by and join us.




Faces, lost at Sea

Hows it going, Just wanted to post something new. Just having fun with different mediums.
Take care.


Ideas and bumps on the road

Hows it going again,

When a client gives you an idea for a piece, you first need to think about the things they are asking for in the illustration. When you are going for a conceptual idea, the client begins to ask too many questions. Why this? and why that? For this reason it is always smart to do something simple and straight to the point. However, there is always ways of creating pieces that are conceptual and simple simultaneously.

I am telling you this because I had a similar occurrence which taught me a lesson. My topic for the Gulf Coast 500 Magazine, was to illustrate "How businesses are taking shelter and waiting for the storm to pass," it sounded like an easy idea. Unfortunately, when working in a time crunch it is not smart to think of something grand. But I thought I was up for the challenge. I tried to pitch the idea of a CEO covering the fresh and new business men taking shelter under his rain coat. I sent the sketch to Gulf Coast and at first they were all for it, until the final. Their reason was because of the gloomy color palette. Therefore, always explain to the client their color choices before you create the final. They were expecting something more with color and joy to it. So I learned my lesson.

Explain the process to the client and always send them a color pallet they can choose from. Below are my thumbnails I sent them for the first illustration. Its sometimes good to learn these mistakes when you are first starting as an illustrator, then you make sure to corrected them for the future.

My friend Andrew Wright told me a good way in sending you thumbs to the client, first try to send two to three thumbs, send thumbs that are readable. When the client is satisfied with one thumb nail make sure to ask him to sign off on it and send it back via-email so you keep a record of it. So they will not be able to change there mind in the process. FInally, in my process in creating a new illustration I had to go through that. The second thumbs I sent out where the one the chose for the final. The one with the man re-opening the store. They were satisfied with the final results.


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