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Its been a while sense I've posted anything in my blog. I wanted to share a project that work on for a company called Creative Arts.  This company is amazing to work for. This particular project involved a little bit of history of baseball.  I created and illustrated 6 images that you see here that are illustrating the famous of all time players in the MLB.  Babe Ruth,  Ty Cobb, Joe Dimaggio, Jackie Robinson.

 The project was made for specifically for the St. Petersburg Museum. That section of the museum of this project was called Schrader's Little Cooperstown.  The design and layout they came up with was amazing.  Schrader is a man that always wanted to display his collection to a large audience so he finally did. He has been collecting signed baseballs sense he was a little boy. In this exhibition he has over 4,000 signed balls and more of all the famous players of all time. Its something amazing to see if you are a really big baseball fan!!  

  It was a really cool project to work on and I give thanks to Bill, he is the former Senior Designer and Project Manager that I had the privilege to work for.  I've also added some of the shots of the work I did as you see in the museum. Hope you enjoy!!


Hats of Time: Monotypes

I forgot to post these the other day. I've been working on some monotypes for my show. I've been experimenting with different techniques to achieve mono print.  I think these where the best of the batch I did. Hope you enjoy. I'll be posting more.  Thank you!


Hats of Time: Millinery Mother

One of the final piece for my personal show. Its called Millinery Mother, she's the creator of all Milliner's. Milliners were typically woman hat designers in the 1800s.  The origin of the name is likely the Middle English Milener, as in an inhabitant of Milan or one who makes or deals in items from the Italian city, known for its fashion and clothing. Enjoy! 


Hats of Time

Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is well, its been awhile since my last post. Im working on a series called Hats of Time. At the end of the summer Im going to have a three man show with Matteo Caloiaro and Brook Olivares-Caloiaro. So far I have two pieces to show. My plans for the series is to show the fashion and history behind wearing a hat and the symbol for wearing a hat.  Each piece of clothing you wear means something and for hats its the same thing, each type of hat means and has a history behind it.  More information to come about each piece, Please enjoy!! 


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