Final: The Duel!

Hows it going folks? Finally I had time to finish this illustration, it sucks that artist need a part time job to pay the loans and other stuff. I wish I had more time for my real work..ART!! Got to pay stuff some how..right people? Well enough of me complaining, here is my final piece. It took some time in coming up with my color pallet, but over all, I think I made it happen, tell me what you guys think.




The Duel!

Hows it going folks, I have been wanting to do a illustration on guns. So I did some research on famous duels, and I came about reading about the famous duel between Alex Hamilton and Burr. Two important people that one became a vice president and the other died in the duel. Enjoy!!


The Society Show!

Hows it going folks, I was so honor to be at the show. My piece was in the editorial part of the Society show. The show was amazing. Got to hang out with my friends and see awesome work by Sam Webber that won the gold award, Josh Cochran, Jillian Tamaki that won the siliver, Frank Stockton, Sterling Hundley, Gary Kelly and many more. Most of the artist were there at the show too. It was fun talking to these amazing artist at the bar up stairs in the society building. But thats not all, the most amazing part was standing near a original N.C. Wyeth illustration and speaking to Mark English at the same time. Good times!

I took a photo of myself by my piece. Walking a Monk!

The photo by the bar is a original Norman Rockwell.

The black and white figure is a original Saul Tepper. Bad ass!

I had more images to show but they got lost, at that
time in the Society they had a Harvey Dunn show, with his students.




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