Hey ya!!
Well I finally finish my original piece for Tata gala gallery show that was last week. I gave them the digital color format. But my original plan was to finished before hand but never got around too it, but now I did, this is the original color that I have planned for this piece. Its called lacquer transfer color. The steps are too scan your final image, then put it in photoshop to arrange the color shapes, then you print out in the size proportion to your illustration. But first you have to flip the image so then when you add the lacquer to the back of the image its the right proportion. You must used a laser printer, if not it doesnt' work. Then you put the color shapes that you printed on to the original, and you add lacquer to the back of the paper so the ink on the printed shapes attach to the illustration. Its like a mono type but with lacquer. ITs that simple, I think if it was explained right. Well then have fun.



Greg Ruth interview!!! Very inspiring to read!

Hey ya!! I was in Irene Gallo blog and she had posted a link to Greg Ruth interview in Tor.com, he is an-amazing comic artist and illustrator, its a must read and especially for all you comic artist and lovers. So enjoy, I just wanted to share that with you all. To Greg Ruth, he's the man!! Click on the image or Greg Ruth




My Creative Thinking Cave!

Here is my cave of imagination. This is my layer to created illustration, on the walls are my inspiration. Sam Webber, Jillian Tamaki, Repen, Ramon Casas, James Jean, Sterling Hundley, Frank Stockton, Ashley Woods and Gary Kelly to name a few, not much to write about. So enjoy!!

New Sketch Book Work!!

Just trying out some new pen nibs and ink hope you enjoy, I know I did!!!

Ohh! there is something very cool if you want me to share with ya! If your voting for Obama and you want to do a doddle or a sketch about it send it to this blog. Its a blog that is rasiing money for the election of Obama and there is a gallery show with that. Good luck!! heres the link to this blog: Sketch for a Change



Sorry for the late entry, Heres something that I had planned for a while to do, but I never had the time to illustrated. THe
TaTa Gala Show came up around the corner, its run by a gallery called Digital Three Studios hosted by Eric Jones. The show is for Breast Cancer, all the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen Cancer foundation.
I was working under pressure, I had so little time to work on it because I had other stuff to deal with that time. I gave my self 2 days to finish the piece. Working under-pressure is the key in becoming an Illustrator. (Haha!) Just joking. I always feel that if I push my self in so little time I won't have time to think, I just go at it, With out thinking. It was created with an SKB pen then with digital color, but thats not the finish yet, I have to go back to the original and add lacquer to it. Its a combination of laser color printer with lacquer on top, it gives a affect of a mono print. So enjoy illustrators and people and have a good day.





Just playing around with ink and acrylic. Got inspired by Sam Webber last week in his demo and presentation at Ringling College of Art and Design. Enjoy!! There is more to come.


My New Website is UP and Ready!!!

Hey Folks hows it been. My good friend Alan Martinez a Graphic Designer from Ringling, design my new website. Just anmazing friend. If anyone needs a graphic designer for a site hes the man to go too. I have to say, I love the way the website turn out. I set up a online store, for originals and prints for sale. Tell me what you guys think of the site. And if there are any problems with the site write a comment. Hope you enjoy. Heres the Link to it: www.oliverdominguez.com



Sample of new work!

Heres a sneak peek of my new work! I'll have more info. later in the week. Enjoy!


Promotional Package

Hows it going again? I know I haven't posted actual work per-say but I've been working on promotional packages for magazine companies and I just wanted to share that with my audience. There will be more new work coming up in next week or so. So for now, enjoy.


Polluto Magazine has Arrived!

Hey guys! Hows everyone doing? Its been a week since I have posted anything. Its finally arrived to my door steps. My very own printed copy of Polluto Journal. Very well printed and paper quality is great. Just to tell you a little bit about the company. A very nice company in UK, called Polluto, its a Anti-Pop Culture Journal. I had the privilege to work with them. The cover was to illustrated "Sex in the Time of VHS" It was a very interesting subject matter to illustrated. Hope you enjoy.


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