Prints FOR SALE!!

Hey Folks!! My prints are on sale!! They will be until the end of this month, So don't wait up until the end of the month because for every print that you purchase you get a original ink drawing! size: 4x4in!!!! And if there is a image that you are dying for please don't hesitate to contact me, please write a email and tell me which image you love and I'll send it your way with a original ink drawing!!

The direct link: Prints For Sale

Thank you for your support!!

I love this quote: No man with a conscience can just bat out illustrations. He's got to put all his talent and feeling into them!
-Norman Rockwell


Ponce De Leon

Hows it going Folks!

I've always wanted to color a illustration piece in digital. I design this piece for the history of Miami Series back in May and I never finished it. I never had the time to paint it traditionally. It was drawn on BFK Rives paper, and added digital color. So, hope you enjoy the piece.




Birds in Love

Hows it going folks!

Hope all is well. I've been working on this piece for maybe three days. This piece is for my very best client, my Wife! She been asking me for a painting for a very long time, and she wanted something unique but with love, and something with birds. So I came up with this piece. Hope you all enjoy, and HAVE A AWESOME THANKSGIVING!!





Hey folks! Working on a painting of birds in cages. Just something fun for you all. Enjoy!!

I can't wait until I post a children's book idea that I've been working on for the last month.

Until then, enjoy my birds in cages.

Cheers to all!


Figure drawing

Hey folks!! I haven't posted anything in a while, so here is a drawing, just for fun!


Jimi Hendrix

Hows it going folks! Just wanted to share with you all a new piece that I was working on. Im thinking of making around 20 to 30 piece that relate to Rock!! All the piece are going to be in nu-pastel. Just trying out new ways in making art!! I had a lot of fun with this piece folks, tell me your thoughts, I would love to hear them!!



Medium: Pastel on paper


Mohammed Ali

Hows it going folks!! Thank you all for your kind words.

I always wanted to create a piece with my favorite of all time champion ship boxer ALI! And I always wanted to create a full figure piece with pastels. Simple and creative. Hope you enjoy. More information to come, because it might be in a gallery show.




One More Pastel

Here is another pastel piece, guess the actor? Thank you, enjoy!


Pastel work

Back again on pastels. When ever I have time I have to make a pastel drawing. It makes me think differently, its good some times to get away from painting. Enjoy!



Wrong Beach

Hello all, so here is the final results of the piece! I final scan it in. Enjoy!


Time Lapse painting!

Hows it going folks! Having fun again with time lapse, but this time its a illustration piece, this piece was to be enter in a show called Tata Gala show. Hope it makes it in. So it was a perfect time to make it into a time lapse clip for you all. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you,

Oliver Dominguez

Time Lapse Painting! from Oliver Dominguez on Vimeo.


Time Lapse with inks

Just wanted to share with you all some ink drawing in a little short clip I made. Enjoy!!


INK work!


Inks for Fun and more!

Hows it going!! Just wanted to share some drawings from my sketch book.

The first image is a sketch for a piece Im creating for Tata Gala Show! Its an event that takes place every year for the research of breast cancer support. Here is the submission form

Detail of the show





Hows it going folks!! Its been a while I haven't posted. I've been very busy moving to our new home!

Hope everyone is well, Im posting a new store I've open in my website! My new series (The History of Miami) is on sale for prints and originals. When you have a chance take a peak and maybe purchase a print. And if there is something that you don't see in my online store don't be shy, emailing me with your desire in a print or original.


Thank you to all!



Ponce De Leon

Hows it going folks, I didn't get around to scan this image sooner but here it is. Enjoy! Im thinking of painting it but Im not sure. Tell what you guys think.




The History of Miami!

I just want to share with you all my gratitude of the support you gave us for the show. Thank you all for being at the show and others that couldn't make it, your spirits were with us, and I thank you! If you missed the show here are my illustration for your viewing! Hope you enjoy the work, thank you all again for the support.


Oliver Dominguez

+Final Work+

BareFoot Mail Man


Ponce De Leon

The Barnacle Man


Sponge Diver

Henry Flagler



Bird Girl

Beach Twin



The "O" Show! Its going to be a two man art show. Orlando Presents the History of Music and Oliver Presents the History of Miami! Please support the artist!

There is going to be food, drinks, music and lots of art!! There is going to be prints for sale and as well original art.

Food is Hosted by (BackYard Pit Masters)
Drinks by Monsters Energy
Coffee by Nestle
Music by Octopus Art Gallery

Start Time: Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time: Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 10:30pm
Location: Octopus Art Gallery
Street: 169 NW 36th ST
City/Town: Miami, FL


Birch Man

New Illustration!! Im working on a series for an upcoming show in May. It has to do with the town I was born at, Miami.

Its a two man show, Orlando and I. The show is called "The O Show"!

So this is the 5th piece for the show.

This one particular piece is about a man Called Mr. Birch, who was the founder of Ft. Laudable, a man who loved nature. A man that had passion for nature. He lived in the middle of the woods with 13 acres of land. He was a smart man, a lawyer that grew up in Ny, he was tired of city living he wanted to do more with his life, thats when he moved to Florida.

He wanted to preserved the lands, make them parks for the people. He protected his land and his house hold. He would stand outside of his house with a rifle, standing near his favorite birch tree. That tree is still standing and its about 400 year old. This is just a pref. story to tell, there is more to come, but thats only going to be in the show.




Up for sale!

Hows it going folks, just wanted to share with you that the show "Cycle through" has come to an ending. This week is the last time to view the show and to purchase any last art work that you guys really need on your walls of your house. Support the artist, here is a link to the art work for purchase Illustrations if you have any question regarding in purchasing a piece
please contact

Kelly Teasley
Young Blood Gallery & Boutique
636 N. Highland Ave
Atlanta, Ga 30306

Thank you



Alice in Wonderland Show

Hows going Folks!! Been very busy working on projects these past days. Here are the results of three pieces I did for a gallery show in Miami.Its for this great gallery called Octopus Picture Framing and Art Gallery. The show is coming up in two weeks.

The paintings are not to big or not to small, 16x24, it was fun painting them, I need to paint them pretty quick. It took me 2 weeks to finish them. It was hard, because of work and the wedding and other stuff on top. But my girl help me out a lot. So I give thanks and love to my girl Melissa!. There is more to come. I have another show coming up, with Orlando Sanchez, ill post it in a bit.

Info about the Show

"Off with your head"
Adventures in Wonderland
Doors open at 7:00,
Wynwood district
169 nw 36th st
miami, FL 33127

Saturday March 13, 2010

so if anyone is near the area, swing by the place. There is going to be lots of awesome artist there as well!!


Bike Crash

Hows it going everyone!

Im participating in a gallery Young Blood Gallery's group show in title "Cycle Through". Amazing gallery, you should check them out!

This is my piece, it had to involve bikes in the piece "hint" the title. So I wanted to try some inks for a change in a illustration.




Ink projects

Just wanted to share with you all new ink pieces i've been working on this past week. Tell me what you guys think.




Artist Survival Kit

Hows it going folks. Just wanted to share something that I read in a blog called Doddles and Sh!t!! Its a very powerful discovery about yourself as an artist. Enjoy!!

Irwin Greenberg's Artist Survival Kit

I've still stagnated and halted these past few months but I've never given up. I think sometimes an artist's spirit is trampled by expectations and comparisons and doubts. But if it is strong and true, it won't burn out.

A co-worker of mine gave me this handout that I found rather inspirational - a "Survival Kit" of aphorisms by realist painter Irwin Greenberg.

Like a lot of realist painters, I started teaching as a way to stabilize my income. I was amazed to discover that it would be one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Somehow everything I had learned in my life found a place in the studio classroom. In addition, teaching forced me to objectify my thoughts and make them comprehensible to my students. But the greatest reward by far was getting to know that special kind of person, the art student. Their hunger to learn, and commitment to what Henri called the art spirit, has been a never-ending inspiration to me. I'm sure I got the larger share in the exchange.

The list that follows was an effort to crystallize some of the things I've learned in over thirty years of teaching. It makes up a kind of horse wisdom about painting, practical advice rather than fancy aesthetics. This "survival kit" has proved useful to generations of young painters as well as its author. There is an awful lot of blather about art, not at all helpful to students. I hope these aphorisms are something of an antidote.

Several people have felt confused by number ten. By "drink a glass of water" I mean, "avoid running to the refrigerator every hour or so." As I reread the list, I remembered the source of many of the ideas. So, here's a "thank you" to Ben Franklin, Frederick Douglass, Robert Henri, Howard Pyle, Abraham Ginsburg, Ernest Hemingway, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn."

-Irwin Greenberg

1. Paint every day.
2. Paint until you feel physical strain- take a break and then paint some more.
3. Suggest.
4. When at an impasse, look at the work of masters.
5. Buy the best materials you can afford.
6. Let your enthusiasm show.
7. Find the way to support yourself.
8. Be your own toughest critic and best supporter.
9. Develop a sense of humor about yourself.
10. Develop the habit of work. Start early every day. When you take a break, don’t eat. Instead, drink a glass of water.
11. Don’t settle for yourself at your mediocre level.
12. Don’t allow yourself to be crushed by failure. Rembrandt had failures. Success grows from failure.
13. Be a brother (or sister) to all struggling artists.
14. Keep it simple.
15. Know your art equipment and take care of it.
16. Have a set of materials ready wherever you go.
17. Always be on time for work, for class, for an appointment.
18. Meet deadlines. Be better than your word.
19. Find a mate who is really a mate.
20. Don’t be envious of anyone who is more talented than you. Be the best you can.
21. Prizes are nice, but the real competition is with yesterday's performance.
22. Give yourself room to fail and then fight like hell to achieve.
23. Go to sleep thinking about what you’re going to do first thing tomorrow.
24. Analyze the work of great painters. Study how they emphasize and subordinate.
25. Find out the fewest material things you need to live.
26. Remember: Michelangelo was once a helpless baby. Great works are the result of heroic struggle.
27. There are no worthwhile tricks in art: find the answer.
28. Throw yourself into each painting heart and soul.
29. Commit yourself to a life in art.
30. No struggle, no progress.
31. Do rather than don’t.
32. Don’t say “I haven’t the time.” You have as much time everyday as the great masters.
33. Read. Be conversant with the great ideas.
34. No matter what you do for a living, nurture your art.
35. Ask. Be hungry to learn.
36. You are always the student in a one-person art school. You are also the teacher of that class.
37. Find the artists who are on your wavelength and constantly increase that list.
38. Take pride in your work.
39. Take pride in yourself.
40. No one is a better authority on your feelings than you are.
41. When painting, always keep in mind what your picture is about.
42. Be organized.
43. When you’re in trouble, study the lives of those who’ve done great things.
44. “Poor me” is no help at all.
45. Look for what you can learn from the great painters, not what’s wrong with them.
46. Look, really look.
47. Overcome errors in observing by exaggerating the opposite.
48. Critics are painters who flunked out.
49. Stay away from put-down artists.
50. If you’re at a lost for what to do next, do a self-portrait.
51. Never say “I can’t.” It closes the door to potential development.
52. Be ingenious. Howard Pyle got his start in illustrating by illustrating his own stories.
53. All doors open to a hard enough push.
54. If art is hard, it’s because you’re struggling to go beyond what you know you can do.
55. Draw everywhere and all the time. An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached.
56. There is art in any endeavor done as well as it can be done: shoemaking, cooking, painting.
57. If you’ve been able to put a personal response into your work, others will feel it and they will be your audience.
58. Money is OK, but it isn’t what life is about.
59. Spend less than you earn.
60. Be modest; be self-critical, but aim for the highest.
61. Don’t hoard your knowledge, share it.
62. Try things against your grain to find out just what your grain really is.
63. Inspiration doesn’t come when you are idle. It comes when you have steeped yourself in work.
64. Habit is more powerful than will. If you get in the habit of painting every day, nothing will keep you from painting.
65. There are three ways to learn art: Study life, people and nature. Study the great painters. Paint.
66. Remember, Rembrandt wasn’t perfect. He had to fight against mediocrity.
67. Don’t call yourself an artist. Let others name you that. “Artist” is a title of great weight.
68. Be humble; learn from everybody.
69. Paintings that you work hardest at are the ones you learn the most from, and are often your favorites.
70. Read values relatively. Find the lightest light and compare all other light values to it. Do the same with the darks.
71. Grit and guts are the magic ingredients to your success.
72. Let your picture welcome the viewer.
73. Add new painters to your list of favorites all the time.
74. Study especially those artists who are dealing with the same problems that you’re trying to solve.
75. Have a positive mind-set when showing your work to galleries.
76. Don’t look for gimmicks to give your work style. You might be stuck with them for life. Or, worse yet, you might have to change your “style” every few years.
77. If what you have to say is from your deepest feelings, you’ll find an audience that responds.
78. Try to end a day’s work on a picture knowing how to proceed the next day.
79. Don’t envy others success. Be generous-spirited and congratulate whole-heartedly.
80. Your own standards have to be higher and more scrupulous than those of critics.
81. Pyle said, “Throw your heart into a picture and jump in after it.”
82. Vermeer found a life’s work in the corner of a room.
83. Rembrandt is always clear about what is most important in a picture.
84. If, after study, the work of an artist remains obscure, the fault may not be yours.
85. Critics don’t matter. Who cares about Michelangelo’s or Rembrandt's critics?
86. Structure your day so you have time for painting, reading, exercising and resting.
87. Aim high, beyond your capacity.
88. Try not to finish too fast.
89. Take the theory of the “last inch” holds that as you approach the end of a painting, you must gather all your resources for the finish.
90. Build your painting solidly, working from big planes to small.
91. See the planes of light as shapes, the planes of shadows as shapes. Squint your eyes and find the big, fluent shapes.
92. Notice how, in a portrait, Rembrandt reduces the modeling of clothes to the essentials, emphasizing the head and the hands.
93. For all his artistic skills, what’s most important about Rembrandt is his deep compassion.
94. To emphasize something means that the other parts of a picture must be muted.
95. When painting outdoors, sit on your hands and look before starting.
96. Composing a picture, do many thumbnails, rejecting the obvious ones.
97. Study how Rembrandt creates flow of tone.
98. If you teach, teach the individual. Find out when he or she is having trouble and help at that point.
99. Painting is a practical art, using real materials -- paints, brushes, canvas, paper. Part of the practicality of it is earning a living in art.
100. So - most painters I know teach, do illustrations or other work in an art-related field. Don't be an art snob-survival is the game.


New sketches!



So here is the piece I've been working on for a few weeks. Its one of the biggest painting I have work on for a while. Its a story about a man named Henry Flagler, he was the man that brought money to Miami, he built and design most of Miami at the time, this took place in 1928. He was a man of ideas and a great designer. He gave a lot of jobs for people.

In my illustration, was based on his arrival to Miami, he came unannounced, he was designing a rail road that would lead from St Augustine to Miami. The Rail Road was finished but there was no train at the time. But out of no where, he just arrived in Miami. In my idea was not to show the train but to give you a mystery behind the man that faces our back towards the viewer. And everyone in the illustration is suprised that a train arrived and on that train it was Henry Flagler. So tell me your thoughts and ideas about the painting!



PS: there will be more to come, the next piece is about scuba divers in those times working on the first class sponges.



Hows it going folks!

Such wanted to show you my thumbnail process for my new project that I've been working on. I have this idea to illustrated my town that I live in. So its the history of Miami. There is so much history in the city you live in. Try it out for a change. Find a story about your town you live in and illustrate it. My approach is to illustrated 15 paintings and have a two man show with my buddy Orlando Sanchez. So ill keep you posted on the show. I be posting the final of this piece soon.




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