This is my other family, that never complain, never cares if your poor or rich. They are there in the hard times and even in the good times. Always next to you, waiting for you to pet them. This painting was made for my wife's family. Her father asked me to make him a painting of his dog, the one in the middle.

So I had time during christmas to illustrated. It was a gift. When they unwrap the painting, there eyes were watering and there faces were glowing of joy! Thats why we as illustrators make paintings for a living for the love and joy people get in a illustration.

Hope you enjoy!




Fun Project!

Hows it going folks!

I've always wanted to create a illustration with 1930s bikes. I've always wanted to buy a bike from that time period. They are design in a way that you don't see anymore out there in the streets, like hotrods and anything thats vintage. So I'll post the final piece coming up next week. I might even do a series of vintage bikes. This one is more of an action shot, and cartoony in away. Well see how it turns out!

Here are some links to the vintage bikes I'm talking about! Vintage
Vintage 2



Quick Doodle!


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