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Hows it going again! This is my package design that I came up with, its cheap and looks professional, I think. Description: Its made out of sturdy foam board and held with packaging tape. It doesn't need a yellow envelope, In the front cover there is going to be a personal drawing of some sort for each client. In the inside I made a cut out, to fit three printout samples for the client, on the left side I but my business cards and an envelope that has a letter that explain a little about my self and appointments to the client.


Hows it going folks, I've been holding back some work, but I'll be posting through this week with some new work. So for starters I've had this on going illustration that I just started. Its for a contest: Its to design a poster for a Kennel Competition. The title : The Wonderful World of Purebred Dogs" Heres a link to the site for anyone that wants to participate: "Kennel Competion" So heres a sneak peek, to the beginning of my illustration. Enjoy all.




Magazine Cover-Muddy Waters-Directions

Hey Guys!! I've recently received my copies of Gulf Coast Magazine. It was a competition between the Illustration Academy students for a cover page in the Gulf Coast Magazine. So I would like to share my cover page. The other images are a few illustration from the Academy hope you like!

"magazine cover with type"

"original illustration"

"Muddy Waters"

George Pratt asking direction to Francis Vallejo


Moo Prints

Hey guys sorry for the late updates, but I just received my mini business cards in the mail and I just wanted to share my discovery. Its a very cool site, the site is called Moo.com, you could put up to 100 images in each minicard and the info on the back. Its really cool for someone that has a small wallet or pocket, it fits anywhere. Check out the site very simple and sort of inexpensive.

Site: Moo prints



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