I finally got my copy of Men's style Australia Magazine!

Hows it going folks! Finally got my own copy of the magazine that I did an illustration for after I got out of College. My first gig in the real world.... It was fun and exciting to work with this company. I remember during my school years, they always drilled things about art directors how they are tough on you. But thats not true, as long as you give yourself enough time to do the work and are punctual with their deadline then you have a happy art director. Well I leave you with my illustration, Its about people with autism and how they live their life's among us. Enjoy!



Question?+Sketchbook work

Who likes to go to Jury duty? explain..Why?


Sarah doubled illustration company! Check it out!

http://sarahdoubled.blogspot.com/Its a company with two amazing illustrators that have combined there awesomeness to create a collaboration business. Check out there site, they just started but keep in mind there will be more to come. Enjoy.



Hows it going folks, hope everyone is drawing there hearts out. I have been very busy lately with promotion stuff, that I have neglected the blog. Sorry for all the readers with my lateness. My buddy Dustin and I had a invitation to be in a gallery show and I was very late in finishing the illustration. That I didn't have the chance to send it out in time. I finally finished the piece guys, So enjoy everyone. Its a piece about a robot that lost his love. Heart broken. A soul lost in a raining day. Tell me what you think guys, let me know if the pink is too much. Give me feed back, and I will diffidently do those changes.




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