CJ Picture Book!

Hey guys! Finally I received my CJ Book. Just wanted to share with you guys this amazing book. It was great to be part of this book with all these amazing artist. Congrats to all who participated in this amazing festival. If you guys have a chance check out there next upcoming competitions its worth entering. This all took place in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea so check the Site: www.cjbook.org




Hey dudes!! Check it out, Im going to be in the show for the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles at Gallery Nucleus! If your around the neighborhood check it out for me. I won't be there but my piece will. Con-grants to all the other artist that got into the show and my good friend Francis Vallejo for winning a gold and two bronze for his illustration.





My studio guys!!!

CJ Picture Book Show!

Hows it going folks, just wanted to share images of the show in Korea. My illustration were the only ones that were framed in a different color, whoops. It stands out....yeah!! Enjoy!
Thank you again Cj Picture book for this opportunity.


Quick sketch for final!!

Quick sketch for a huge painting I got commissioned for. I'll post the final drawing soon. It will change a lot.




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