These are my icons for my computer illustration class, never used illustrator before so bare with me. The assignment was to get three symbols logos or icons and make every icon have a similar style. So I made up company name called FLY and it stands for the Xtreme games that skaters, bikers, and rollerblader's do, so I hope u like my icons. Enjoy mother trucker.


Black Lagoon Monster

This is my 2nd attempt for the monster, the assignment was to create a Hollywood monster and use your favorite illustrator, so for this assignment I chosen Jeff Jones. It took me two paintings to really understand his style. So tell me if I accomplish the illustration.


Black Lagoon Monster

Oil on canvas......



Back to school, it feels good to be back in action. Well this was the first open assignment for the first week of class. The class drew out 2 words form the hat annd then had to make a sentence for it then illustrated. I had knife and bloody, those were my choices, and i had to stick with that.


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