Hello my fellow artist, sorry that I haven't update my blog but Its been crazy, I've been sending out postcards and work to companies.

It was brought to my attendtion from my friend Matteo Caloiaro (http://www.caloiaro.com/)that there was a competion, and if your art work was selected it will be shown in there Gallery. Name of Gallery is BECA gallery (http://becagallery.typepad.com ) You should check out the gallery there always finding new up coming artist to be exposed to the public. Its located in New Orleans.

I just got the good news on one of my piece. The monotype has been selected to be shown in the gallery. I give thanks to the BECA Gallery for the oppourtunity.





Hey again, sketch book darwing, then transfer into Photoshop. Just experimenting with adobe photoshop. Looking at different artist that work with digital color. Tell me what you think.

Thank you.

Landscape Painting

Did some landscape painting before I left back home for christmas, Painted with Matteo Caloiaro also an Illustrator (http://www.caloiaro.com/) good painter, He's inspired me to landscape paint. So enjoy my fellow artist.

Peace, oliver

Pilot Dream

I finally got blogger to work for me. Its been a very productive semester. This is one of many illustrations that I need to post.

This illustration was about a war soldier that dream in becoming a Pilot.
The color pallet I used was by the famous Illustrator N.C. Wyeth. Theres a good book out on him its named(One Nation: Patriots and Pirates Portrayed by N. C. Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth), it has help me so much on my color pallet and learning how to make everything in simply shapes.
Medium : Oil on canvas




Finally I posted portraits, its been a while for me, I had an opportunity to make some very cool portrait, with some different mediums. Portraits assignment is what George Pratt gave, he gave us a whole month to make 30 portrait, but me being a prograstinator I did all in 5 days before it was due. It turn pretty good I say. But I think I work better under pressure than having lots of time to work at it. The blogger is fix and its a good link. Enjoy my fellow artist.




Boob Show: Passion

Hey Guys, Im starting off with a great bang! The illustration is for a gallery show that is represented by Eric Jones. The show is called TaTa Gala its to rasised money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. So its going to be a big show, so if anyone that is around Sarasota is more than welcome to come. Its On Friday December 7, 2007. There some great artist showing, let me drop some names, Nathan Fox, Alberto Ruiz, and many illustrator's from Ringling.

This piece took me 8 days to finsh, I might have to touch it up a bit. I started off with a loose drawing, then I reference it so I could get a better understanding of the anatomy. After the good line drawing I transfer it over onto tracing paper, so I could move things around and crop them, so for the final transfered I passed it onto llustration board. The medium I used was a ball point pen that is call SKB, this pen is the greats pen ever design. Its so smooth and works very well on illustration board. The color was transfer with a lacquer. First I made my color choices in photoshop then printed onto a jet printer then lacquer the color onto the illustration board. I wish the color was a little more saturated but for next time. That brilliant idea to transfer the color was my freind Francis Vallejo(http://francisvallejo.blogspot.com/) also an Illustrator. So that it for now, but theres going to be more coming up this week and the following week. Hope eveyone that reads this is going well.





Hey all, This is my first time making a real monotype, tell me what you think guys. The way I got to do monotypes was my friend Ali, he has a print making class and calls me to learn the ways of monotype. Im very fasinated in how the process of making a monotype work. First you have to wet the paper that you are going to transfer it too. Then you get out a piexel glass, after that you bring out the ink and rub it on the glass with a roller. After you are done with your drawing or illustration you pass it to the press or if you dont have a press you do it the old fasion way, you get a cooking roller and roll the paper onto the image and hope it comes out alright. After all those steps you get these results. The blues series, im trying to make a series of blues musicians just for fun and practice. Enjoy my fellow artist.


Hows it going everyone, I got new goodys to show you all. The indian chief was to show you steps in how I paint with acylic and tar, It sucks that I don't have too many steps to show you but I have the ending of a acrylic painting and the begining of a tar painting, you see the 1st image is very saturated color and not thinking about high lights and value changing but just throwing the value of colors and having fun with it. But when I but the tar on top it keys down the color and gives it a one tone value. After the tar you go back and bring out the highlights and leave your darkest darks. Well theres more to come. Peace



Brave Heart



Experimenting with ink, trying different style of drawing, just having some fun. Greg Ruth inspired me. Enjoy my fellow artist.






George Pratt


Master Copy: George Bellows

Jena 6








Assignment was to paint two illustration from day scene and night scene, this assignment was to learn how to used different value and colors.



Illest of Ill Poster





Portfolio Design


Nas (Urban City)









A Slice of Sarasota

Ali Portrait

The medium I used for the first illustration was pen&ink, white ink and acrylic. The second image was made with graphite, pen&ink, acrylic and tar, for the back ground of the second image was a lacquir transfer.


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