"I guess if I had to live it all over again, I might have done it differently..., but maybe I couldn't have...."

-Joe Leyendecker to Norman Rockwell

Thats something to think about.


If you seen the new Jc Lyendecker book, you well see the quote in the beginning of the book.


Story boards!

Hows it going folks? Some times you get a job that involves drawing fast and quick on your feet. I did these story boards for this company called PUSH, they are based in California. Great people to work with. These drawing were for a pitch to yahoo company. It was fun to work on. The drawings are fast and no shade or balance between focus. It was a quick turnaround. Im not an artist that gets to many jobs that involves sequential stories. Its not my strong point, but when you get something thats out of your comfort zone, its nice to work on it. It opens new doors for you, new ideas. It makes you think as a comic artist. Well hope you like.




Poor Education

Hows it going folks!! I'll start with the weather, it has been beautiful these past days in my home town, MIAMI! Love the sun in my face and the smell of ocean in the morning. Just kidding about the ocean smell, I wish I could live by the beach, but its near me.
Well I'll start with these three illustration, they are all the same but I crop them. I need some help guys, witch one do you think fits better for the composition. It will be a lot of help if you give me suggestion.

I was contact by an artist name: Sean, he started this colaboration with different artist around the world called World Wider, the link shows the site we all work in, and the process we display. Also it introduces all the artist work. Come and see for your self, and if you want to collaborated with the group, your more that welcome. Check out the site.

The illustration was to illustrated what I depict wrong about the society I live in. I find poor education is something that I find wrong in the states. Mixing poor and guns and lack of education is something that must be focus on. So its a montage of elements in one peace. Not sure if that works all together, but why not, it was fun to do.



this is the new one, with a slight color change.


I made it!! Into the Society of Illustrators!

Hows it going my fellow artist? Great news, I made it into the Society of illustrators Professional Show. I received a call from the Society last friday,( very nice lady I spoke too cant remember her name) but she said, two of my illustration were in the show. Wooohooo!!! I was in shock!! It is "Walking a Monk" and "Ice Cream Lovers", thank you Society for this opportunity. And too, my buddy Francis Vallejo as well got in to the show. His comic was chosen for the show. Congratulation to my friends and who ever made it in to the show.




Ramon Casas Book!! Please Help me Find it!!

Hows it going folks!!! I have been trying for weeks and weeks trying to find this book called Ramon Casas: Ratratos al Carbon and no luck. Maybe you guys out there have luck finding it. If any one knows of this book please help me find it. I will be so great full if you find it for me in stock. Thank you!!





Ralph Monroe: The Barnacle

Hello everyone!!! Hope all is well, today I bring you my first illustration for a serious Im working on. Called the History of MIAMI, I'll get in detail soon as possible. Thank you and enjoy!!




Hey ya!!
Well I finally finish my original piece for Tata gala gallery show that was last week. I gave them the digital color format. But my original plan was to finished before hand but never got around too it, but now I did, this is the original color that I have planned for this piece. Its called lacquer transfer color. The steps are too scan your final image, then put it in photoshop to arrange the color shapes, then you print out in the size proportion to your illustration. But first you have to flip the image so then when you add the lacquer to the back of the image its the right proportion. You must used a laser printer, if not it doesnt' work. Then you put the color shapes that you printed on to the original, and you add lacquer to the back of the paper so the ink on the printed shapes attach to the illustration. Its like a mono type but with lacquer. ITs that simple, I think if it was explained right. Well then have fun.



Greg Ruth interview!!! Very inspiring to read!

Hey ya!! I was in Irene Gallo blog and she had posted a link to Greg Ruth interview in Tor.com, he is an-amazing comic artist and illustrator, its a must read and especially for all you comic artist and lovers. So enjoy, I just wanted to share that with you all. To Greg Ruth, he's the man!! Click on the image or Greg Ruth




My Creative Thinking Cave!

Here is my cave of imagination. This is my layer to created illustration, on the walls are my inspiration. Sam Webber, Jillian Tamaki, Repen, Ramon Casas, James Jean, Sterling Hundley, Frank Stockton, Ashley Woods and Gary Kelly to name a few, not much to write about. So enjoy!!

New Sketch Book Work!!

Just trying out some new pen nibs and ink hope you enjoy, I know I did!!!

Ohh! there is something very cool if you want me to share with ya! If your voting for Obama and you want to do a doddle or a sketch about it send it to this blog. Its a blog that is rasiing money for the election of Obama and there is a gallery show with that. Good luck!! heres the link to this blog: Sketch for a Change



Sorry for the late entry, Heres something that I had planned for a while to do, but I never had the time to illustrated. THe
TaTa Gala Show came up around the corner, its run by a gallery called Digital Three Studios hosted by Eric Jones. The show is for Breast Cancer, all the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen Cancer foundation.
I was working under pressure, I had so little time to work on it because I had other stuff to deal with that time. I gave my self 2 days to finish the piece. Working under-pressure is the key in becoming an Illustrator. (Haha!) Just joking. I always feel that if I push my self in so little time I won't have time to think, I just go at it, With out thinking. It was created with an SKB pen then with digital color, but thats not the finish yet, I have to go back to the original and add lacquer to it. Its a combination of laser color printer with lacquer on top, it gives a affect of a mono print. So enjoy illustrators and people and have a good day.





Just playing around with ink and acrylic. Got inspired by Sam Webber last week in his demo and presentation at Ringling College of Art and Design. Enjoy!! There is more to come.


My New Website is UP and Ready!!!

Hey Folks hows it been. My good friend Alan Martinez a Graphic Designer from Ringling, design my new website. Just anmazing friend. If anyone needs a graphic designer for a site hes the man to go too. I have to say, I love the way the website turn out. I set up a online store, for originals and prints for sale. Tell me what you guys think of the site. And if there are any problems with the site write a comment. Hope you enjoy. Heres the Link to it: www.oliverdominguez.com



Sample of new work!

Heres a sneak peek of my new work! I'll have more info. later in the week. Enjoy!


Promotional Package

Hows it going again? I know I haven't posted actual work per-say but I've been working on promotional packages for magazine companies and I just wanted to share that with my audience. There will be more new work coming up in next week or so. So for now, enjoy.


Polluto Magazine has Arrived!

Hey guys! Hows everyone doing? Its been a week since I have posted anything. Its finally arrived to my door steps. My very own printed copy of Polluto Journal. Very well printed and paper quality is great. Just to tell you a little bit about the company. A very nice company in UK, called Polluto, its a Anti-Pop Culture Journal. I had the privilege to work with them. The cover was to illustrated "Sex in the Time of VHS" It was a very interesting subject matter to illustrated. Hope you enjoy.


Celebrating pure breeds

Hows it going, So I final got to sit down to draw and finish a contest that had post-bon back, it was to design a poster for the AKC competition its a dog competition based in California. Not sure I stayed in the boundaries of the competition, but its something that I was having fun with. I never have a chance to draw a cool dog. So thats why it was fun to illustrated. Its really nice to get inspired by something that you have fun with.




The Story of Events

Hows it going folks!
I had the privilege to illustrated a cover for Season Magazine. Its a publishing company that only published them 3 times a year. I was excited to be part of that. I put in the final drawing so you may get familiar in how I work. The whole piece was drawn first with a 3b graphite pencil and then painted with acrylic and gauche.

So the whole concept was to make a montage of events and plays happening around Sarasota. So I came up with this idea. Hope you Enjoy, and there will be more to come.





Hi folks,

I had been holding back this illustration because of the publication rules. But finally I could post it.
I had the privilege to do a full page illustration and a smaller illustration as well.

Client; Men's Style Australia Magazine
Art Director: Paul Rebec

Brief Story;
It was to illustrated the form of Autism and how they see the world around them, lies the key difference between the autistic and the neurotypical brain. Where neurotypicals attack life’s obstacles in a top-down fashion – we naturally focus on the big picture (meaning, context) and address details based on our understanding thereof – autistics hone in on minutiae. We have a general outline of a concept and flesh it out with the relevant data we accrue; autistics have to link together the vast and detailed stores of information they’re able to memorise in order to replicate that outline.


Leave Behind Design!

Hows it going again! This is my package design that I came up with, its cheap and looks professional, I think. Description: Its made out of sturdy foam board and held with packaging tape. It doesn't need a yellow envelope, In the front cover there is going to be a personal drawing of some sort for each client. In the inside I made a cut out, to fit three printout samples for the client, on the left side I but my business cards and an envelope that has a letter that explain a little about my self and appointments to the client.


Hows it going folks, I've been holding back some work, but I'll be posting through this week with some new work. So for starters I've had this on going illustration that I just started. Its for a contest: Its to design a poster for a Kennel Competition. The title : The Wonderful World of Purebred Dogs" Heres a link to the site for anyone that wants to participate: "Kennel Competion" So heres a sneak peek, to the beginning of my illustration. Enjoy all.




Magazine Cover-Muddy Waters-Directions

Hey Guys!! I've recently received my copies of Gulf Coast Magazine. It was a competition between the Illustration Academy students for a cover page in the Gulf Coast Magazine. So I would like to share my cover page. The other images are a few illustration from the Academy hope you like!

"magazine cover with type"

"original illustration"

"Muddy Waters"

George Pratt asking direction to Francis Vallejo


Moo Prints

Hey guys sorry for the late updates, but I just received my mini business cards in the mail and I just wanted to share my discovery. Its a very cool site, the site is called Moo.com, you could put up to 100 images in each minicard and the info on the back. Its really cool for someone that has a small wallet or pocket, it fits anywhere. Check out the site very simple and sort of inexpensive.

Site: Moo prints



Colt 45 Competition !Vote!

Hey Guys I just entered in this contest, I'm a little late in entering but if you could vote for me I will truly thank you. The contest is, if you design a logo for Colt 45 can and it gets pick, I have the opportunity to have the design made for the can, and publish and sold in the market. So click on the link below and vote for my design.

Thank you very much!

Oliver Dominguez

vote link: Colt 45 Vote link!


Walking a Monk!

Hey folks hows everyone doing? Well this is my 3rd illustration guys. The assignment was given by Gary Kelly from the Illustration Academy, it was to illustrated the word orange. Tell me what you think.




2nd assignment from the academy!!

Hello again, For this assignment given by Jon Foster was to illustrated a emotion from a character from a fictional novel, my choice was The Count of Monte Cristo. Enjoy!!

Figure Drawing! Academy Style !!

Some work from the Illustration Academy that I have been attending. Enjoy!!


Polluto Magazine!

I was assigned an illustration for Polluto Magazine, an Anti-Pop culture journal, for Issue #3. The theme was: Sex in the Time of VHS! My approach was to focus on the pop-culture of the 80s instead of the sex culture of that time. Tell me what you guys think, enjoy!!




Oppose the Orphan Works Act!

Overview From the site.

How the Orphan Works Bills Affects Visual Artists, vote and help oppose the orphan work act,click on this site OPPOSE!
The Orphan Works Act defines an "orphan work" as any copyrighted work whose author any infringer says he is unable to locate with what the infringer himself decides has been a "reasonably diligent search." In a radical departure from existing copyright law and business practice, the U.S. Copyright Office has proposed that Congress grant such infringers freedom to ignore the rights of the author and use the work for any purpose, including commercial usage. In the case of visual art, the word "author" means "artist."

• This proposal goes far beyond current concepts of fair use. As acknowledged by the Register of Copyrights it is not designed to deal with the special situations of non profit museums, libraries and archives. It is written so broadly that it will expose new works to infringement, even where the author is alive, in business, and licensing the work.

• The bill would substantially limit the copyright holder's ability to recover financially or protect the work, even if the work was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office prior to infringement.

• The bill has a disproportionate impact on visual artists because it is common for an artist's work to be published without credit lines or because credit lines can be removed by others for feckless or unscrupulous reasons. This is especially true of art published in the Internet Age.

This is a small introduction about the power this contry has over us, but if we fight together we could oppose the orphan act.

thank you,



Feature in Illustrophile

Dustin D'Arnault and I got feature in Illustrophile 3 days ago and I just wanted to promote there site. They have many know artist and a very well exposure in the art world. So take a look at there site: illustrophile and enjoy.


Thesis Work!! Finally Here!!

Hey Folks, It was a crazy week for thesis. But we finally finish, here are some photos from the thesis show and also my buddies. So for my great plans in the future it will come together after the Academy, during this summer. I have some ideas up my sleeves.

Last Photo is me and my girlfriend:

Illustration Buddies and I: Middle Photo
Left: Oliver Dominguez, Middle: Dustin D' Arnault, Right: Eric Bonhomme

Thesis statement:

Since, I was a child I was blessed with the talent of self-expression through art. It was as if I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, always doodling the ideas that ran through my head. The blank piece of paper was the entrance to my heart and to worlds beyond my reach. Art running through my blood and through my soul.
Presently, as an artist I am always intrigued by different mediums of the past, present and future. Everyday, I dedicate my life in search of inspirations, motivations and influences that can make me a better artist. Since my time in Ringling, I have discovered that American history has a lot of influential pioneers in the art world. I am especially intrigued by Mr. Norman Rockwell. His art has not only guided me in finding my artistic signature but helped me in my thesis.
My admiration of the American Illustration masters like Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, and N.C. Wyeth, who were pioneers in their time, which inspired me through this thesis journey. Another great motivator is my Professor George Pratt, who I see not only as a teacher but also as a mentor. He taught me to go above and beyond, and illustrated me the value of art.
Firstly, my research in American History sparked my interest in one of the most crucial and memorable times in our country, The Great Depression. I was mostly interested in focusing all my energy on the children of this era. Through this society they were the less educated; less vocationally trained and had less job experience. I believe they were robbed of their sweet innocence and suffered a great ordeal. They had the greatest responsibilities and at times played the role of the provider and dependents. There were about 200,000 vagrant children wandering the country as result of the breakup of their families during this time. These “Depression-era young people” faced challenges like inadequate food and shelter, schools they could not attend because they had to go to work or were wandering the streets alone. Therefore, I wanted to illuminate the lives of these American Children of the Great Depression in my Thesis illustrations.
I not only researched in books and the web, but also interviewed ten senior citizens, who were some of the many children who struggled through the Great Depression. I was very fortunate to find these individuals and record their incredible stories of survival. While hearing their different childhood memoirs, I started to compose my thesis in my head. Quickly after this amazing meeting of history, I created thumbnail sketches and composed different compositions for my thesis illustrations. Into each Illustration I captured a specific key moment of time from each Depression survivor.
I chose very specific mediums to illustrate the different moods of each story. I used acrylic paint, pastels, oils, photo references and a variety of mixed mediums. The result was 12 illustrations which were composed throughout the spring semester of 2008.
Each illustration is a tribute to these young survivors and I believe I stepped out of my element and experimented by bringing forth my interest in fiction mixed with fact. The end result was a package that illuminates these brief memorable stories in time.
In the process I learned to take an actual personal experience and translate it into my own artistic language. I was very pleased with the end result and believe this is a great starting point to my career as an editorial illustrator.
I hope that my artistic inner voice and education, and continuing self education will lead me to become one of the great masters of my time. I will continue to research and dedicate my future to my personal legend as an artist and most importantly illustrator.

Take care folks,




Its been a while that I haven't posted, It took me a week to move my stuff out of school and another week to get my internet working. Finally I got it working and I am going to post some new illustration and my thesis work. I start with a illustration that we had in computer illustration class. It was to illustrated a story about a man that counts his days and counts everything about his life. So enjoy my friends and there will be more to come.


Oliver out!


For Sale!!

Hey folks! I created an idea to sell my thesis work for a affordable price. I design these boxes and inside of the package I made postcards of all my thesis work and a little description of the history about the Great depression and my inspirations. So take a look, and if you want to purchase one give me a post of your info. or e-mail me @ Oliverd_876@hotmail.com

Thank you for reading:


Changes on the final

Hey folks hows everyone doing? well I am having a great day. I just finish my last piece. Well I was finish until I brought over my painting last week to be critique from my professor George Pratt and He said you have to re due the drawing and painting because the illustration is to gray down and not enough life to the characters. After kicking and screaming like a little kid I decide to listen to Pratt. Of course he was right but I was stubborn at a moment. Well this is my final, tell me what you guys think.




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