Sorry for the late entry, Heres something that I had planned for a while to do, but I never had the time to illustrated. THe
TaTa Gala Show came up around the corner, its run by a gallery called Digital Three Studios hosted by Eric Jones. The show is for Breast Cancer, all the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen Cancer foundation.
I was working under pressure, I had so little time to work on it because I had other stuff to deal with that time. I gave my self 2 days to finish the piece. Working under-pressure is the key in becoming an Illustrator. (Haha!) Just joking. I always feel that if I push my self in so little time I won't have time to think, I just go at it, With out thinking. It was created with an SKB pen then with digital color, but thats not the finish yet, I have to go back to the original and add lacquer to it. Its a combination of laser color printer with lacquer on top, it gives a affect of a mono print. So enjoy illustrators and people and have a good day.




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