Hey ya!!
Well I finally finish my original piece for Tata gala gallery show that was last week. I gave them the digital color format. But my original plan was to finished before hand but never got around too it, but now I did, this is the original color that I have planned for this piece. Its called lacquer transfer color. The steps are too scan your final image, then put it in photoshop to arrange the color shapes, then you print out in the size proportion to your illustration. But first you have to flip the image so then when you add the lacquer to the back of the image its the right proportion. You must used a laser printer, if not it doesnt' work. Then you put the color shapes that you printed on to the original, and you add lacquer to the back of the paper so the ink on the printed shapes attach to the illustration. Its like a mono type but with lacquer. ITs that simple, I think if it was explained right. Well then have fun.



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