It is design with three canvas panels, and created them like windows. The media I used was, graphite, pen & ink, and acrylic. Glazed the painting three times, first cystal clear and then Matte medium.


Pi, Childrens Book

One of my layout pages for my childern illustration book, Its about a gorilla that wants to be another animal, because he doesn't like being a gorilla. The media : graphite,pen&ink, and acrylic.


Aqua Band

This is my final updated on this piece, this piece was to teach my self how to use adobe photoshop, and it was my personal work i give my self. I hope you enjoy my illustration.

This is my second pass for my process of the illustration, the color is design in adobe photoshop, the final pass will be done in a few days tops.

This my 2nd step for my finish illustraion. This illustration was all from my imagination, It was just for fun, and I started with ruf sketch and then design it to a second step image. The illustration is done with a blue pencil, On strathmore 500press 3ply paper.




This assignment was to learn how to use Barron Storey's technique, and to learn how to create compostion, this is my first attempt to try this technique, the media that you used for this technique is totally up to you, but you always have to know how your going to place the figures in space while your distorting the illustration. I started with a line drawing and then I place conte krayon to give it a tonal consideration, then I sparyed it with crystal clear and added matte medium to flat the drawing. Then from there added tone and light wht color and repeated the matte medium and crystal clear so I could protect the work I applyed to the illustration. Its a cool way of illustrating.

Master Sketches

Master copy for my figure painting class, The first one on left is a copy from Giovanni Battista Moroni, my media I use was crystal clear, matte medium, dip ink and mechanical pencil, we couldn't use traditional oil paints so I mix media. The second sketch on the left was a copy of Piero della Francesca and made with crystal clear, matte medium, dip ink, mechanical pencil, acrylic and gel pens, and the third one was a copy of a roman sculpture made with just dip ink.


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