Poor Education

Hows it going folks!! I'll start with the weather, it has been beautiful these past days in my home town, MIAMI! Love the sun in my face and the smell of ocean in the morning. Just kidding about the ocean smell, I wish I could live by the beach, but its near me.
Well I'll start with these three illustration, they are all the same but I crop them. I need some help guys, witch one do you think fits better for the composition. It will be a lot of help if you give me suggestion.

I was contact by an artist name: Sean, he started this colaboration with different artist around the world called World Wider, the link shows the site we all work in, and the process we display. Also it introduces all the artist work. Come and see for your self, and if you want to collaborated with the group, your more that welcome. Check out the site.

The illustration was to illustrated what I depict wrong about the society I live in. I find poor education is something that I find wrong in the states. Mixing poor and guns and lack of education is something that must be focus on. So its a montage of elements in one peace. Not sure if that works all together, but why not, it was fun to do.



this is the new one, with a slight color change.


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