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Hey Folks, It was a crazy week for thesis. But we finally finish, here are some photos from the thesis show and also my buddies. So for my great plans in the future it will come together after the Academy, during this summer. I have some ideas up my sleeves.

Last Photo is me and my girlfriend:

Illustration Buddies and I: Middle Photo
Left: Oliver Dominguez, Middle: Dustin D' Arnault, Right: Eric Bonhomme

Thesis statement:

Since, I was a child I was blessed with the talent of self-expression through art. It was as if I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, always doodling the ideas that ran through my head. The blank piece of paper was the entrance to my heart and to worlds beyond my reach. Art running through my blood and through my soul.
Presently, as an artist I am always intrigued by different mediums of the past, present and future. Everyday, I dedicate my life in search of inspirations, motivations and influences that can make me a better artist. Since my time in Ringling, I have discovered that American history has a lot of influential pioneers in the art world. I am especially intrigued by Mr. Norman Rockwell. His art has not only guided me in finding my artistic signature but helped me in my thesis.
My admiration of the American Illustration masters like Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, and N.C. Wyeth, who were pioneers in their time, which inspired me through this thesis journey. Another great motivator is my Professor George Pratt, who I see not only as a teacher but also as a mentor. He taught me to go above and beyond, and illustrated me the value of art.
Firstly, my research in American History sparked my interest in one of the most crucial and memorable times in our country, The Great Depression. I was mostly interested in focusing all my energy on the children of this era. Through this society they were the less educated; less vocationally trained and had less job experience. I believe they were robbed of their sweet innocence and suffered a great ordeal. They had the greatest responsibilities and at times played the role of the provider and dependents. There were about 200,000 vagrant children wandering the country as result of the breakup of their families during this time. These “Depression-era young people” faced challenges like inadequate food and shelter, schools they could not attend because they had to go to work or were wandering the streets alone. Therefore, I wanted to illuminate the lives of these American Children of the Great Depression in my Thesis illustrations.
I not only researched in books and the web, but also interviewed ten senior citizens, who were some of the many children who struggled through the Great Depression. I was very fortunate to find these individuals and record their incredible stories of survival. While hearing their different childhood memoirs, I started to compose my thesis in my head. Quickly after this amazing meeting of history, I created thumbnail sketches and composed different compositions for my thesis illustrations. Into each Illustration I captured a specific key moment of time from each Depression survivor.
I chose very specific mediums to illustrate the different moods of each story. I used acrylic paint, pastels, oils, photo references and a variety of mixed mediums. The result was 12 illustrations which were composed throughout the spring semester of 2008.
Each illustration is a tribute to these young survivors and I believe I stepped out of my element and experimented by bringing forth my interest in fiction mixed with fact. The end result was a package that illuminates these brief memorable stories in time.
In the process I learned to take an actual personal experience and translate it into my own artistic language. I was very pleased with the end result and believe this is a great starting point to my career as an editorial illustrator.
I hope that my artistic inner voice and education, and continuing self education will lead me to become one of the great masters of my time. I will continue to research and dedicate my future to my personal legend as an artist and most importantly illustrator.

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