So here is the piece I've been working on for a few weeks. Its one of the biggest painting I have work on for a while. Its a story about a man named Henry Flagler, he was the man that brought money to Miami, he built and design most of Miami at the time, this took place in 1928. He was a man of ideas and a great designer. He gave a lot of jobs for people.

In my illustration, was based on his arrival to Miami, he came unannounced, he was designing a rail road that would lead from St Augustine to Miami. The Rail Road was finished but there was no train at the time. But out of no where, he just arrived in Miami. In my idea was not to show the train but to give you a mystery behind the man that faces our back towards the viewer. And everyone in the illustration is suprised that a train arrived and on that train it was Henry Flagler. So tell me your thoughts and ideas about the painting!



PS: there will be more to come, the next piece is about scuba divers in those times working on the first class sponges.


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