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When a client gives you an idea for a piece, you first need to think about the things they are asking for in the illustration. When you are going for a conceptual idea, the client begins to ask too many questions. Why this? and why that? For this reason it is always smart to do something simple and straight to the point. However, there is always ways of creating pieces that are conceptual and simple simultaneously.

I am telling you this because I had a similar occurrence which taught me a lesson. My topic for the Gulf Coast 500 Magazine, was to illustrate "How businesses are taking shelter and waiting for the storm to pass," it sounded like an easy idea. Unfortunately, when working in a time crunch it is not smart to think of something grand. But I thought I was up for the challenge. I tried to pitch the idea of a CEO covering the fresh and new business men taking shelter under his rain coat. I sent the sketch to Gulf Coast and at first they were all for it, until the final. Their reason was because of the gloomy color palette. Therefore, always explain to the client their color choices before you create the final. They were expecting something more with color and joy to it. So I learned my lesson.

Explain the process to the client and always send them a color pallet they can choose from. Below are my thumbnails I sent them for the first illustration. Its sometimes good to learn these mistakes when you are first starting as an illustrator, then you make sure to corrected them for the future.

My friend Andrew Wright told me a good way in sending you thumbs to the client, first try to send two to three thumbs, send thumbs that are readable. When the client is satisfied with one thumb nail make sure to ask him to sign off on it and send it back via-email so you keep a record of it. So they will not be able to change there mind in the process. FInally, in my process in creating a new illustration I had to go through that. The second thumbs I sent out where the one the chose for the final. The one with the man re-opening the store. They were satisfied with the final results.


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