Hows it going everyone!!

I've finally finished this piece. I've added a little bit about my step by step process.

The first step is the idea and thumbnails. I used tracing paper for my thumbnail sketches and then refine them until I get a solid idea. I was going to add my ideas of thumbs but its a lot of thumbnails that it will take up the whole site. Ha!

For this piece I got a solid sketch idea and started working around it. I've added some of the sketches that I've drawn with out reference.

Second step is after I have a solid idea I go ahead and shoot reference and refine the drawing even more, just to get the right proportions of the figure and other aspects of the drawing.

My previous post was my final drawing. after I have a very solid drawing I go ahead and transfer it to a bigger paper. My final drawing was drawn in Rives BFK tan paper with graphite and then painted with washes of acrylic and gouache and ink. I've added some images with steps of approaching the painting. Hope you enjoy, if you have any other question about my process write a comment. Have a good 4th of JULY!!

-Final Illustration-


-Final Drawing-



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