Hows it going everyone!!! Hope everyone had a great christmas and new year!!

I bring to you my recent work for my show I had the 6th of Jan. It was showed in Daas Gallery, I wanted to thank David Acevedo and Xavier Brignoni for this opportunity to show in their gallery.

The show is going to be up until the end of Jan. if you missed the show swing by! All the work is for sale and I have prints on request if anyone is interested. This series was inspired by interesting animals and fashion. I had two months to create this series. My inspiration came from two artist, Alexander McQueen, and J.C Leyendecker. McQueen was a great fashion designer! He had intrigued work of beauty in his clothing. And J.C Leyendecker was a great designer in his illustration with male figures.

I wanted to thank everyone that went to the show and the support! So hope you enjoy and if you have any question for prints or originals please email!



Im going to post a short video of the night of the show soon!


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