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Hey folks! I created an idea to sell my thesis work for a affordable price. I design these boxes and inside of the package I made postcards of all my thesis work and a little description of the history about the Great depression and my inspirations. So take a look, and if you want to purchase one give me a post of your info. or e-mail me @ Oliverd_876@hotmail.com

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Changes on the final

Hey folks hows everyone doing? well I am having a great day. I just finish my last piece. Well I was finish until I brought over my painting last week to be critique from my professor George Pratt and He said you have to re due the drawing and painting because the illustration is to gray down and not enough life to the characters. After kicking and screaming like a little kid I decide to listen to Pratt. Of course he was right but I was stubborn at a moment. Well this is my final, tell me what you guys think.




Steps for the final

hey folks hows it going with life. This is my final peice! Enjoy people.



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