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How’s it going folks, well I’m going to explain to you about my idea and my design that I created to come up with my artist book. First of all it took me one month to design and make it all come together. The project was to get an idea of what i wanted to design; we had to go to an event that had a meaning to me and the audience we wanted to approach. My event that I want to illustrate was a car museum that is located in Sarasota. In my approach to the artist book was in one particular car model, this car was beautiful in every way. It was a 1935 Ford couple that was modified to your taste. It had a pearl white gloss and cover with an Alizarin crimsoned color all around the steel and the interior to. The whole idea about the artist book was to inform the audience with my illustrations and a little bit about the history of the car and the company that made it. Not only that it was to illustrated, but the people you meet and spoke too were all about the cars.They had very itersting storys. The best part about this project was that I met this really cool old man name Philip that knew everything about cars and the history behind it. The particular car that I chose was the same car that the old man Philip had when he was a youngling around in the 1930s. He told me a story about his teenage times, it was very fuuny. That’s why in my book I illustrated a comic just about the story Philip told me. Ok enough about the history of the book. The design of the book was very tricky, first I want to built a tool box for it but then I realized that building a tool box out of wood will take forever to design. So I design the book out of galvanized metal and then used home improvement henge’s for the sleeves. So then I went to the junkyard and took peace of old ford’s part and used it in the book. The interior of the book has scrolls and tools so it inmate a toolbox. The pages are watercolor paper coated in matte medium and bound with an according paper. The design at the end all pulled together, and made a great artist book!!!! I think.

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